Corporate Training



Our Aim

We aim to provide your company with a one stop shop solution for your corporate training requirements. Course content is continually updated by experience gained from course feedback received from our clients and the research enabling us to keep the training courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practise throughout industry.

We, at ACHIEVIA CONSULTING, understand the needs of our clients that the investment made is to make more and more economic with incremental investments. We offer flexible packages of training modules based on the requirement of our clients so that the training requested for is provided in the most cost-effective and beneficial manner and our training evaluation procedure ensures that the training module offered becomes a high ROI module. At ACHIEVIA CONSULTING, service meets delight which is why we believe in working with our clients to see that even though the trainees are distributed geographically, they all are provided the same quality training.

At ACHIEVIA CONSULTING, we believe in delivering the best of services, which is why we follow an intense selection procedure to select the trainers who are actually not only the best in the said field and are certified by authentic training bodies or Corporate houses but also at the same time have quality experience in delivering high-class professional training to all our clients.

Our flexible training model allows our clients to customize, revamp or update all our deliverable modules to be in sync with the latters training requirements and objectives.
Our corporate team will be glad to discuss your training needs.

Tailored training and development

  • we listen to your specific needs and provide a bespoke training solution for your people and situation.

Learning that is easy to transfer to the workplace

  • we design and deliver pragmatic solutions that your people will find easy to implement back at work.

A solid base of expertise

  • You will benefit from the experience of candidates within our team

A partnership approach

  • when we become an insider in the training and development process we can add value as your internal consultant.

Bespoke Training (In-Company)

We offer in-company bespoke training tailored to your business. We listen to your specific needs so that we become familiar with your organisations core values, competencies, objectives and challenges. Once we fully understand your company, we can provide you with a unique training solution. Find out more about our bespoke training solutions simply contact the ACHIEVIA CONSULTING TRAINING team today.

With every client, ACHIEVIA CONSULTING value proposition is to apply best practices in reducing operational and training costs while extending the value of your SAP knowledge and skills. With ACHIEVIA CONSULTING SAP Training, you have the partner who understands the business aspects of best-of-breed training and how to help organizations and individuals to achieve world-class SAP training performance levels.

Training At The Comfort Of The Facility Of Your Choice

We also realize the requirement of our customers that the training intervention has a lot of other objectives other than just fitting the training budget. Which is why we offer an innovative service of conducting the training in a facility of the choice of the client. At office? In the training hall? In a special venue? Our trainers will deliver the training wherever you deem it to be fit.

Customized Training

No two clients are the same. We do not believe in the methodology that one size fits for all. We have fixed training modules but customize able modes of training delivery. We are of the understanding that the same module can be delivered to one client by a trainer who only trains seasoned professionals while another client might want the same content to be delivered first by someone who is more into basics and then go on to higher strata concepts.

Our mission is to enable corporate companies to increase productivity and performance through their manpower resources. Our In-Company training solution is all about your organization – we can work with you to identify your individual and company wide training needs to design, customize and deliver a course that meets your needs. Each and every course we deliver is tailored to an organizations work environment. At, ACHIEVIA CONSULTING TRAINING, we believe that training should be flexible, timely, and appropriate to the current issues affecting your enterprise. The one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable in the present competitive, highly technological, economically constrained times environments. Our unique modular approach to training courses allows your organization to select only the training that is appropriate to your needs.

Hands-on exercises could be tailored to suit your environment and add even more value to the training delivered. We work with your team to understand the current projects and come up with course content close to your environment

Training @ Your Facility

  • Our trainer visits your facility and provides the training
  • Customized class schedule & course curriculum
  • Access to your own PCs and projects during the training

Benefit Of In-Company Training

There are specific advantages associated with in-company working that make it the first choice for so many of our clients. For example, all the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice and experiences of your company. The training is therefore perceived as wholly appropriate and so new ideas are more quickly assimilated.

Standard Training

Any SAP module course on this website can be presented exclusively for your own people. We can work on your premises, or at a venue of your choice, or at one of our own centres. We provide the same full service as you would receive on our open course but our tutor travels to your chosen venue, saving time and travel costs for your people.

We are happy to help you identify the right training for you and provide you with details of our charges.

Customized Training

We can create a course exclusively for you based on our vast library of training resources. Such tailored training allows you to select material from our standard courses .Tailored training is particularly cost effective. The courses are only as long as they need to be to satisfy the objectives.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training involves writing training material exclusively for you. Bespoke training is the natural choice where the training need is likely to be special. Sometimes, in-company courses use a mixture of tailored and bespoke material to meet your training objectives. To see what is included as standard in our bespoke training courses please contact us.

We are always happy to provide advice on what is the best option for you.